The Name "Extreme Logic"

Name was started as a group name for a game actually, something like todays TNC, Fanatic, OG and the like. Playing Warcraft with a cousin, they decided to come up with a name. And that was it. The name stuck, even during college when author was creating programming libraries

Founder / Author

The founder, a versatile programmer with a specialization in Java technologies, is deeply passionate about computers and technology. A dedicated gamer from his earlier years, he mastered NES games like "Konami World," "Simon's Quest," "Gradius 1,2," "Goonies 1,2," "Dragon Quest," "Faxanadu," and more, sparking the beginning of his computer enthusiasm.

During college, despite not having a personal PC, he embraced programming as a hobby. Regular visits to computer rental shops and utilizing a cousin's PC fueled his creativity. He crafted various reusable libraries, including:

  • win.h - GUI library to emulate a windows interface.
  • rotate.h - Allows graphics to be rotated 360 degrees. Rotating interfaces long before the tablets of today.
  • image.h - PCX and BMP image loaders using specs available online.

Post-graduation, he delved into Unix, Linux OS, and revisited Unix C language, Visual C++, and eventually Java.

2015 and onwards, his journey extended into networking, showcasing excellence in:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (LAN)
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Networks
  • PC Networking, Support, and Upgrades
  • PC Networking, Support, and Upgrades
  • Network Cabling and Infrastructure

Accumulating diverse skills over the years, his passion for programming evolved, leading to the realization of his vision — creating reusable modules and services not only in software development but also within the realms of telecommunications and networking