The Name "Extreme Logic"

Name was started as a group name for a game actually, something like todays TNC, Fanatic, OG and the like. Playing Warcraft with a cousin, they decided to come up with a name. And that was it. The name stuck, even during college when author was creating programming libraries

Founder / Author

The founder is a polyglot programmer specializing in Java technologies. The founder is also a gamer by heart who during his generation was an expert on NES games. Proudly finishing games like "Konami World", "Simon's Quest", "Gradius 1,2", "Goonies 1,2", "Dragon Quest", "Faxanadu", and many more. Literally hundreds of games. Well that started the love for computers.

During college, was introduced with Pascal and C language. Programming became a hobby, despite not having a PC at that time. Frequently visiting computer rental shops and going to a cousin's house to use a PC. Created various libraries for re-use such as:

  • win.h - GUI library to emulate a windows interface.
  • rotate.h - Allows graphics to be rotated 360 degrees. Rotating interfaces long before the tablets of today.
  • image.h - PCX and BMP image loaders using specs available online.

After graduating, was introduced with the unix, linux OS, and was re-introduced with nix C language, Visual C++, then Java. Various skills was acquired during the vast years of experiences and the rest is history. His passion for programming expanded and paved the way for his vision of creating re-usable modules, and services.